Holi Special Fridge Magnet

Holi is a colorful festival, and I love to play with colors… So thought why not splash these colors on a canvas..

Aimlessly picked up one color after the other and splashed it across this heart.. and ended up with this beautiful colorful heart.. that is converted to a fridge magnet.. 🙂

Now my fridge does have a colorful heart.. 🙂


The colorful heart..!!

Mounted on my fridge..!!

Mounted on my fridge..!!


Love is in the Air Mini Canvas

I simply loved making this canvas.. Firstly the pretty pink color and then so many hearts… 🙂

It was Parimal’s birthday, and since he is soon to get married, thought he would like something custom made with his would be..

As we see him now-a-days all in a good mood and so much in love.. the Love is in the Air theme for his canvas suited his vibes.. 🙂

I hope you guys too like it..


The Happy Couple..!!


Love is in the Air..!!

Thank you Canvas

When I had gone to buy the crafting stuff for the scrapbook, I can across this small canvas with an easel.  I loved it at that very moment..

So I decided to make one for my friend for giving me this opportunity to make a scrapbook and introducing me to this creative world.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting it, which actually took me back to the school days art classes..:)

Thanks once again Pallavi.. Love you lots.. 🙂


Thank you Pallavi..!!


A closer look..!!